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Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Tutoring is my passion

Why I believe in tutoring

I am passionate about offering tutoring to children attending schools in the Territory, and I have been tutoring children in the Territory for almost 6 years. My desire is to provide a solid grounding for my students. I spend many hours working on my business and on the service I provide. I am always looking for ways that I can improve my service. I have designed unique programs that are always individualised. All my students are working within their ability level (so that they are not feeling frustrated), and constantly being nudged to grow and improve. I believe in open and honest communication with parents and teachers. I therefore require my students to undergo an assessment prior to starting tutoring. This allows me to communicate effectively with parents and teachers and helps me to prepare their unique programs prior to their first lesson. I re-assess all my students twice a year. This helps me to keep a track on progress, make adjustments to their programs and to keep parents and teachers informed on how the student is tracking.

I believe that my tutoring service is unique. It is unique in location - beautiful rural setting, peaceful and happy learning space. It is unique in approach - highly individualised programs that have been specifically designed by me. It is unique in values - I value a growth mindset, inspiring confidence and joy in learning. I value my own energy. I spend time every day before beginning tutoring ensuring that I am in a good head space; healthy and happy. I value a feeling of success in my work and so have decided to keep my business small and intimate. My classes are small and manageable - ensuring that we all get a sense of joy and satisfaction from our time spent together.

LEARNING IS A LIFE-LONG ADVENTURE! I am so grateful to have this business to help me continue to learn and grow each day. I am ALWAYS learning new things, whether from the children I work with, or people I work with in the background on education ideas or business ideas. This is my very first BLOG. It is a little scary to try new things, to put yourself out there and to possibly make mistakes. However, if we expect our children and students to do this, then we should be willing to do it too!

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