• Angela Musgrave

TIME AND MONEY "The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money." Warren Buffett

Time and Money!! Two things we probably always wish we had more of. Learning to balance the two is of utmost importance to finding true joy and happiness in our lives.

Before learning the art of balancing these though, it is vital that children learn the basic fundamentals of these two concepts. Having a poor grasp on how to tell the time or how to add money, or work out correct change will have a direct impact on their confidence in themselves and their ability to feel independent and comfortable in the world. I therefore deal with these two topics as seperate to my general maths in tutoring time. It is important to me that my students have a good grasp of these two vital aspects of their life. My goal is to help my students achieve confidence and independence.... not only in the classroom, but in their everyday life too.

I remember my Grade Two classroom, like it was yesterday. My teacher was a nun called Sister Theresa. I loved her as a teacher. One of the best things about her classroom is she had a shop and pretend money. On Friday's we were allowed to play 'shops' - and naturally learning about money in this way was SO MUCH FUN! It is important to make learning fun and to take anxiety out of the learning process. This is why my approach to learning about TIME AND MONEY is fun, varied and structured.

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